OpenVPN - Add IPs to an Alias list when connected; delete them when disconnect

  • For a number of reasons it would be of great help to have the openVPN server add the public IP of a connected client (after being authentified and authorized, this is, a VALID connection) to a given (selectable in the web gui) Alias list. After the client disconnectshe IP should be removed from that list.

    The first and most clear case for this is to allow for openVPN clients to be inserted and deleted from suppress lists that are later used in snort.

    I have a problem with openVPN clients that are usually dynamically assigned the IP: Many of the traffic they generate to do their job is considered an attack by snort and their public IP is blocked out.

    The solutions given here to avoid this behavior are not good: suppress the alert signatures as false positives or even mark them for not being inspected.

    They are NOT false positives. They can be true positives but coming from a trusted source. For example, OwnCloud uses double byte encoding that can be considered undesirable for everyone except for trusted users.

    If we could have those IPs dynamically inserted into an Alias list we could still keep the signatures on place while avoiding blocking out those users.

    Having scripting for openVPN is not a solution as has already been told in other threads because it is something external to pfsense itself.

    What do you think?

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