Slow speeds over openvpn? enable powerd set to maxium

  • my speeds over openvpn for the past few months have been great using PIA as my VPN provider.  honestly the best they have been in a while.

    decided to turn off maximum CPU usage and instantly found my connection speed dropped significantly.

    i am using a sg 2220 and it was set to max 1.74Ghz.    when i turned off maximum it dropped it down to 1.4GHZ.

    my speeds on maximum were 100Mb down 10Mb up.  my actual internet connection.

    with Maximum CPU turn OFF.  i was getting 40Mb down 10Mb up.

    this may be obvious for some of you. but honestly i had no idea.  so hopefully this helps someone else out

    can anyone else confirm that these helps speed up their openvpn speeds?

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