Captive Portal, Freeradius3 and External Mysql Database - Max-all-Sessions

  • Hello,

    On Freeradius 2 there was an attribute Max-Forever-Session, When I used this attribute in my MYSQL table in radcheck, i was able to login and after the specified time it would force a logoff

    28 asbo Cleartext-Password := 1234
    29 asbo Max-Forever-Session := 300

    Currently, when I do a test login I get an error in my system logs

    Wed Mar 28 14:50:51 2018 : Auth: (80) Invalid user (sql1: Failed to create the pair: Unknown name "Max-Forever-Session"): [asbo] (from client OfficeTest2 port 2006 cli a2:e9)

    Looking through /usr/local/etc/raddb/mods-available/sqlcounter I see that they are using Max-All-Session I try this on an account but after the allotted time of 5 mins the device does not get disconnected and can still log in to the system. Before in Freeradius 2 when the Max-Forever-session would reach the amount set on the system it would disconnect the user and stop the user from logging in again.

    If anyone can help me work out what i am doing wrong or inform me on the new way the system is doing it that would help a lot,
    Please help!

  • Max-All-Session in radcheck
    Set to interim accounting in captive portal

    The message that you are receiving is that radius3
    Does not understand Max-Forever-Session

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