PfSense and ESXI WAN

  • Hello guys,

    Please bare with me as I explain my issue.
    I have a dedicated server which came with ESXI 6.5 pre-installed. There is just one IP dedicated to this, the management IP:  62.121.90.xx/27 from where I can log to ESXI. This instance had just one NIC installed at this IP. No NAT. I asked from my hosting provider to issue me a second IP which is of 83.159.147.XXX/26. What I want to do is the following:
    pfSense with two  network adapters one WAN where I can connect the internet and the second one I would like to use internally for Nating with other vms.

    I have created the following:

    Problem is that when I assign the new IP (83.159.147.XXX) to the WAN interface of pfSense I am not able to reach internet.

    Any ideas?

  • Is the second IP in another VLAN eventually or does the machine have another NIC, where the IP has been assigned to?

  • Hello,
    The machine has one nic up and the first IP is assigned to that nic. I am not sure where the second IP is assigned but the following is the detailed network info for the vmnic1 adapter:

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