Bridged VLAN Tagging between Two PF Sense over OpenVPN Tunnel

  • I am trying to find a way to have 2 pfSense units connect over the Internet with an OpenVPN and bridge the two networks together with Multiple VLANs.  I see a lot about configuring the switches (already know how to do that) but not much about the pfSense.  I need the LAN NIC on the pf to support tagging and I want to bridge that to the other side.  We have tried multiple ways to make this work.  It seems to want IP addresses.  We want a bridge not routing.  No IP needed.  We tried creating the VLANs as interfaces and assigning them to the NIC but this does not seem to work.  Is this something that Q in Q can resolve?  How do we use Q in Q of this.  We need a LAN extension supporting multiple VLANS.  Our switches support VLAN tagging and we are using tags within the network elsewhere.  See the drawing for our set up.  Has anyone done this?

  • I don't know that an OpenVPN tunnel supports VLANs.

  • Netgate Administrator

    So in fact you only need two VLANs? Or is that just an example?

    If it really is only two you can just use two OpenVPN TAP tunnels on different ports. Bridge them to the VLAN interfaces at each end.

    That actually helps throughput in most cases by using two OpenVPN processes.


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