Multiples gateways

  • Hi !

    Is it possible to have differents gateways dependant on kind of traffic ?

    I explain my goal :

    • I have a pfsense firewall (WAN+LAN+OPT1=DMZ),
    • On DMZ, I have a server (more powerfull than the firewall) able to do transparent proxy cache (Squid), transparent proxy ftp (frox), transparent proxy pop3 (p3scan),

    If I try to use a NAT rule (source interface LAN, address any), the ip address is changed to the DMZ server.
    If I try to use a "policy based rules", the traffic goes from the WAN of firewall.

    The idea is to be able to change de "defaut gateway" (as a routeur) depending of the protocol.
    For exemple, when I use a routeur the mac address is set to the routeur and not the ip address.

    A example for Linux/iptables (in french) is

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