Multiple VPN Connections

  • Hi all,

    I have setup pfSense using OpenVPN and it works great.  All my LAN->internet traffic goes via my OpenVPN Provider.

    However with this setup all WAN traffic is via just one on my OpenVPNProvider's Servers, say Sydney Australia.

    Is it possible to have connections to say two OpenVPN Servers in two location, eg: Sydney & LA, and direct traffic based on a particular URL via to a particular Server.  eg: All traffic except would go via the Sydney Server and would go via the LA Server.

    If so, a outline on how to achieve this would be appreciated.



  • VPN providers usually push the default route to the client to route all traffic over their server. That's should make the configuration easier.
    However, if you want to route your traffic out in special ways you have to prohibit this and set the routes by yourself. The routing is to be set in the firewall rules which are allowing the outgoing traffic (policy routing).

    So in your example you have to prevent to get pushed the default route by the LA vpn server. To do so, go to its client settings and check "Don't pull routes".
    Ensure you have assigned an interface to this vpn instance.

    For hosts you want to access over the LA server add an alias in Firewall > Aliases > IP. You may enter IP addresses or FQDNs here, no complete URL!

    Go the Firewall > Rules > LAN and add an allow-rule to the top of the rule set, set the protocol and ports as you need it, at destination enter the alias name you have set before. Open the advanced options, go down to gateway and select the LA servers client GW.
    Also you have to set an outbound NAT rule for the LA servers client if it is done by pfSense automatically.

  • Thank you for the detailed response, I will give it a try.


    Edit:  I followed your suggestion and I have hosts going via the LA Server for particular domains.  However I have no access to any other websites/domains except those that go via the LA Server.  What could I have done wrong?



    Edit2: Deleted all my changes and started again, now it works just fine.

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