Remote OpenVPN access to a AirVPN pfSense box

  • Hi all!

    I have just finished installing my pfSense box, and following some of the guides on the AirVPN forum ( I managed to get this puppy working great. Everything running through the router is nicely secured within an AirVPN connection. The only issue I have now is that I do not know how I can get the box up to allow remote OpenVPN access to my server which is sitting behind the box. I already tried some of the 'standard' OpenVPN guides with the wizards, but connection keeps timing out.

    I have currently a DDNS set up pointing to the public IP of my ISP's router. I also set up an 'Exposed Host' rule on the ISP's modem to allow all traffic through to the pfSense box's IP address.

    You guys have any ideas how I can set this up?

  • Try this guide It has some useful tips.

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