Confused by firewall - Appears to be on LAN?

  • I'm seeing a bunch of traffic that I'm trying to block.  I've set up pfBlockerNG, but that doesn't seem to be triggering with my config.

    In the Firewall log, I'm confused by what I'm seeing (screenshot also attached):

    Action Time Interface Rule Source Destination Protocol
    Apr 5 14:35:09 ► LAN let out anything IPv4 from firewall host itself (1000002665) TCP:S

    Why is the Interface LAN if the source is an external IP and the destination is an internal IP?  Isn't it a rule on the WAN Interface that would allow/block this traffic?  I'm not sure why the rule "let out anything IPv4 from the firewall host itself" would apply in this situation.

    It feels like a horror movie where the operator says "THE CALL IS ORIGINATING FROM WITHIN THE HOUSE!"    :P

    Am I just really misunderstanding what I'm seeing?  Thanks!

  • ??? Yep. Looks like China telecom is sending the start of a three way handshake. That is the starting SYN packet going through
    your defences.  If you see a SYN/ACK (SA) going out and a ACK (A) coming in, in that order, they ARE in the HOUSE.
    Totally backwards. SYN out, SYN/ACK in, ACK out is how it should be.
    There is some rule fuc*ery afoot.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Post up your wan rules and your lan rules and your port forwards..

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