Adaptation_send_client_ip vs icap_send_client_ip

  • I noticed a lot of error messages in my /var/log/c-icap/server.log:
        ERROR clientip is null, you must set 'icap_send_client_ip on' into squid.conf

    In checking this out, it seems that since version 3.2, they are trying to use adaptation_send_client_ip instead of icap_send_client_ip.

    For the time-being, I have changed my /usr/local/pkg/

    And adding line 224:

    adaptation_send_client_ip {$icap_send_client_ip}

    This sets the value, using whatever value icap_send_client_ip had been set to.
    Because we have not been getting this error all the time, I do not know if what I have done is good, bad, ugly, or terribly destructive.  Time will tell.  Or, people on this forum will tell…  :)  At the moment, it seems to be working.  But with something intermittent, it could be that the situation just has not come up yet.

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