Pfsense OVA appliance for VMware not recognizing aditional VMXNET3 interfaces

  • Hi guys,

    I use the official OVA from pfsense to deploy the virtual appliance on ESXi hosts and I noticed that if you add a vNIC using VMXNET3, even after rebooting it doesn;t show up on the list of interfaces on pfsense. Only vNIC added as E1000 are detected.

    Bear in mind, the virtual appliance has WAN and LAN interfaces using VMXNET3 when you deploy it.

    Has anyone encountered similar issue?

  • This is probably to late, but if it doesn't have open-vm-tools installed, it probably wont see the vmxnet3 adapters, since those require special drivers. I always deploy pfsense with the e1000, and once its up i install open-vm-tools and then shut it down, put the vmxnet3 adapters in, and im good to go.

  • the OVA appliance comes already with open-vm-tools installed, but no joy. I can't get VMXNET3 to show under interfaces

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