No network folder access over OpenVPN

  • Hey everyone!

    Quick question. I am having some issues trying to configure my OpenVPN server to be able to access my Unraid NAS via the network. I have been googling for the past 2 days but haven't been able to solve it.

    When connected to my VPN:

    • I have internet access
    • I have access to my Unraid dockers via their IP address in the web browser
    • I have access to pfSense via the IP address in the web browser
    • I can ping anything on my network
    • I can access my unraid network shares via their IP
    • My client device has a dedicated IP address and DNS, though the default Gateway is empty (tried pushing it from the server side, no effect)
    • I cannot see any other clients on my network (Netbios is enabled as well as 'allow inter-linking')

    My adresses:

    pfSense is on
    Server is on
    Client device IP is
    Client DNS is

    Windows firewall on the client device is switched off for private networks, and the network set as private.

    Help! :)

  • Do you mean you can't see the folders?  Or you can't access the server?  Since a VPN normally routes traffic, you won't see the broadcasts that advertise the folder shares.  However, you should be able to access the server, using host name or IP address and then see the shares.

  • So when I am connected, I can access my 'Media' folder on my unRAID NAS by \192.168.1.XXX\Media, but not via \Tower\Media
    Also, from the client's 'Network' screen I cannot see any other devices which are hard wired into the switch which is connect to the pfSense router.

    My network look like this:

    WAN => pfSense Router => Switch => LAN
    OpenVPN ==

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    As was already said, you will need to configure DNS for the Tower name.

    The broadcasts necessary for network discovery are not routed across networks.

    You can do this by defining a proper search list of domains and possibly domain and host overrides. All kind of depends on how your DNS is set up now.

  • @Derelict did you get this resolved? HOw did you do it?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    @sisterpfsense I wasn't doing it. Ancient thread. You should probably start your own or search. This comes up pretty regularly.

  • @monden2

    Windows file sharing uses broadcasts to announce it's presence to other devices. Since broadcasts are not passed by routers, you don't see the shares. You'll have to use the host name or IP address to set up a connection to that share.

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