Using Tor as transparent proxy ?

  • Hey there,  I need some help.
    I want to setup a transparent Tor gateway and because I already know pfSense I would like to do it with pfSense and not OpenWRT or something.
    I tried following this guide for FreeBSD (, but like it says in the guide, there is an error to be expected because Tor tries to access /dev/pf without the right permissions.
    Solution in that guide is to put 'own pf _tor:_tor' >> /etc/devfs.conf which I did, but every time I try to start Tor it says
    "[warn] open("/dev/pf") failed: Permission denied"
    The weird part is, if I restart the devfs service the error dosen't show up, but Tor seems to freeze at that point and is not running.
    If I reboot the system it's back to the old "Permission denied" error.

    Could somebody tell me how I can resolve this issue ?

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