PFBlockerNG strips out private IP addresses?

  • I would like to use pfBlockerNG to pull in some custom IPv4 address lists from a txt file on a remote server.  We then would have pfBlockerNG make those txt lists into native aliases.  We have need for both Public and Private IP addresses in these txt files

    After doing some testing today, I noticed that pfBlockerNG only creates the native alias with the public IP addresses.  Is it possible to have pfBlockerNG include the private ip addresses as well as the publics?

    Is there a config file I can edit or something else to tweak to make it so pfBlockerNG doesn't strip out the private IP addresses?

  • Moderator

    You can disable Suppression in the General Tab but that will disable the Suppression Function (Removal of Private IPs etc) for all IP Aliases…

    Alternatively, leave Suppression Enabled, and add these Private IPs to the Alias Customlist which is not filtered via Suppression.

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