Create more than one IPv4 Tunnel Network

  • hi all,

    can i create more than one IPv4 Tunnel Network on my openvpn server so i can create rules for the openvpn clients?


  • You can create multiple vpn server, each with a specific tunnel network. Each has to listen on an unique IP/port combination, of course.
    Or you can create client specific overrides for your clients to assign a unique small subnet to each client. This requires SSL authentication.

    Both gives you ability to control access of vpn users by firewall rules.

  • so if my server ip tunnel ip is

    can i give my client in the client specific overide an ip, or does it have to be, the same as the tunnel server

  • sorted !!!

    what i did was create a "client specific override" common name rob and ip

    and this is my rule

    now i can only talk to which is my switch, if i try which is my router i cannot get access to it



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