Squid proxy server maximum download size not always working

  • Hello,

    Sorry for my imperfect English; i'm trying to work on that.

    i'm using pfsense 2.4.3.  The squid proxy server -> Traffic Mgmt -> Maximum download Size is working only on downloads where the package size is transferred to the sender (to me). Example: Downloading Linux Mint Cinnamon (https://linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=246). When I choose Netherlands -> NLUUG, I get the message that the file is too big, so this is what it should be. When I choose Netherlands -> KoDDos, I can download the whole iso of 1.8 Gb.

    I set the maximum download size as 10000 Kb (100 Mb). Also I tried to search for this problem, but can't find a solution. I think it must have something to do with the reply_body_max_size in squid.conf. Reading the manual (http://www.squid-cache.org/Doc/config/reply_body_max_size/) I can see that the file is checked twice; one time in the headers. When the size isn't in the headers, it should break down the download after reaching the reply_body_max_size. But this seems not to be working.

    In the Squid Proxy Server -> General I experimented on checking the LAN, loopback AND WAN interface, and on SSL filtering. Since the maximum download size IS working on some sites, I think my settings must be right.

    I hope somebody can help me with this problem. Thanks in advance for any reactions!