Bypass OPENVPN client to certain websites

  • I have a OPENVPN client to PIA and I have it configured to be able to access local network for certain traffic, but can't figure out how to bypass if needed to get to certain websites.  There are a few websites that are blocked when trying to go to them with PIA and would like to configure where I can access them, without having to turn off my VPN every time.

  • Add an alias in Firewall > Aliases > IP, add all the concerned websites to it (only the host names!).
    Then add a pass firewall rule to your internal interface, at destination enter the alias you've created, go down and expand the advanced options, go to gateway and select your WAN gateway.
    Save it and put this rule to the top of the rule set.

  • Yeah I think I did it like that already but tried exactly like that and still doesn't work.