Beginner help, please point me in the right direction

  • Ok I've tried so many times to get a VPN working and still haven't had success.

    Goal: I want to set up a VPN server on my pfSense box so that I can connect remotely and route all my traffic through my home internet (allowing me to safely use open/unencrypted public wifi). I also need to access internal devices inside my home network.

    I used to do this successfully w/ my Netgear router but I have yet to recreate this same functionality with pfSense, although I know it's there. The leap/increase in setup complexity has just been too much of a hurdle for me to sort out on my own. I've dug through many online tutorials, carefully trying to step through the many steps and make what I think are the right choices but they either aren't my specific usage case or I'm doing something wrong. Even managed to lock myself out of my pfSense box once somehow… that was fun.

    I'll be connecting via the OpenVPN client on Windows for starters, but have confidence once I sort things out I can successfully use Tunnelblick on MacOS and OpenVPN on Android as I managed to do that before w/ the Netgear router. So we can focus on connectivity from a Windows client.

    I have a ddns client working so I need to know where to plug in the public-facing FQDN from ddns. This was not clear from previous attempts.

    Also: my hardware says it has "AES-NI CPU crypto" (AES-CBC,AES-XTS,AES-GCM,AES-ICM) so I want to use that. I am not 100% confident I have that correctly set up, however, as previous walk-through suggested I should see options during the VPN setup that I didn't see.

    No doubt SOMEONE, somewhere, has written a good walk-through for my usage case as I imagine it's quite common. I've just either not managed to find it or not recognized the pfSense terminology that fits what I'm trying to accomplish. So feel free to RTF-whatever and point me to a link. :) But if there isn't a good one, and someone is willing to take this technically-adept-but-frustrated pfSense newbie under their wing for a hand-held walk through I'd certainly appreciate that. :) Thanks!

    pfSense 2.4.3

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Are you using the OpenVPN Client Export package to export configurations for your clients?