FTP Issue driving me crazy

  • I have a single PFSense based firewall running 1.2.2
    I CANNOT get FTP to work to servers behind the firewall.

    I am NOT using NAT.  I have several routed interfaces of PUBLIC IPs on the LAN side of the firewall.
    I have an ALLOW rule basically allowing any protocol, and any port, from my IP on the internet INBOUND to the FTP Server(s).

    The problem is that I can create the FTP session, but it can't transfer any files.  An "LS" will just sit there forever until it times out.

    I know the problem isn't the ftp servers because it is happening on multiple ftp servers (some linux, and some windows based).


  • As a side note, OUTBOUND ftp from a server behind the firewall to a server on the internet works JUST fine.

  • Since you're not using NAT:
    Have you disabled the FTP-helper on all interfaces?

  • Yes I have disabled the FTP Helper application on both the WAN and LAN interfaces.

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