Restore pfsense to new device - vpn not working totally

  • Background:  Using OpenVPN. Two pc's running pfsense ver 1.2.3 (yeah that's is old which I am taking care of).  On one device I backed up everything.  Edited the xml file to change WAN/LAN ports.  Restored the backup to a new netgate device with pfsense version 2.4.3.  Everything is working except the OpenVPN.  The 2.4.3 pfsense is the client.  The 1.2.3 pfsense is the server.  The client can ping the subnet of the server (I can actually open the 'server' pfsense interface from the client side).  The server side cannot communicate at all with the client.

    Server side subnet: 192.168.0./24.
    Client side subnet : 192.168.1.
    OpenVPN IP:
    Protocol: UDP
    Server port: 1194
    Client Proxy port: 3128
    Crypto: BF-CBC (128-bit)
    Shared key; 2048 bit OpenVPN static key

    On server side under OpenVPN settings Custom Option entry: push "route"

    Is the issue related to the two versions of pfsense being different? 
    If not if I recreate the client side VPN manually (versus using what was restored) would it work regardless of the version differences?

    Note that the OpenVPN used is the default package included in pfsense versions 1.2.3 and 2.4.3

    Thank you.