Dealership Using Advent - Ports Block…

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm working with a dealership that uses Advent as there DMS (Dealer Management System).  The way there solution works is by having an Cisco ASA connected
    from the wan to the lan with a static ip address on both wan and lan and builds up a VPN to there network. There was a sonicwall in place that was working with this config.
    Currently I have setup a gateway that points to the static LAN IP address and then setup a static route that says is out this gateway. 
    Since the ASA is on the LAN I figured I would not need to set any firewall rules since I think the PFSense see it as all LAN traffic anyways, but just trying to get it to
    work i have made 2 rules that says any traffic to/from is allowed. As of now it works but we cannot print.  The way printing works is you share a printer from a
    windows computer configure the terminal server per user that they are using and there printer share name is oki. 
    There is also a user made on the computer that has access to the printer and that is the credentials used for printing.  I have been told by there support that it is because ports are
    being blocked.  Not sure what to try next.  Below is a bit of a diagram of how the network is configured.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    |WAN |
      |              +---------------+
      +----------+ Switch        |
                        |              |
                        |              |
                        |  |
                        |          ++------+
              +------+--+    | ASA    | VPN Tunnel to
              |PFsense |    |            |
              |              |    +---+----+
              +--+------+          |
                  | | 
                  |                    |
                  |                    |
                  |      +----------+--+
                  +----+                  |
                          |    LAN        |

  • Ok so setting up a default route was too much not needed? I have since removed it and the program still works.

    In other things. I ran some packet capture on PFSense just watching port 445 and I got this.

    10:53:31.077123 IP > tcp 0 10:53:34.078879 IP > tcp 0 10:53:40.073200 IP > tcp 0 10:53:41.085657 IP > tcp 0 10:53:44.085386 IP > tcp 0 10:53:50.085715 IP > tcp 0 10:53:51.084497 IP > tcp 0 10:53:54.087917 IP > tcp 0 10:54:00.089179 IP > tcp 0 10:54:01.093382 IP > tcp 0

    So I think this shows trafic is going to the computer so I ran wireshark on the client pc and this is what i captured with (tcp.port == 445).

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