RoadWarrior shutdown a shared key infrastructure

  • Hi guys.

    I had a strange situation, we have setup between 3 sites in a ovpn shared key infrastructure.

    First network


    2nd network.


    Here everything is working.

    We want to add RoadWarrior setup on PF3.

    We use wizard, setup user, certs, etc done.

    We download the settings, open our windows machine, install the client done.

    Open ovpn client on the windows box from a external source, start the client, make the connection done.

    We connect to our LAN over the tunnel, everything  working.

    But, suddenly our entire ovpn shared ney network stop working.

    We check  our private tunnels, the RoadWarrior use, none other settings use this network.

    Even if we disable the RW server setup, won't fix, is like this one replace all other settings.

    What happen here.

    Our RoadWarrior ovpn server doesn't any other settings, is just a client for the other networks.

    What I miss here or a shared key infrastructure won't allow other setups?

    Any comments are welcome, thanks guys. :o

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    OpenVPN instances are all completely independent. Some part of your settings must be conflicting, you'll have to provide more detail, error messages from the logs, any other info you can dig up and are willing to share.

  • U have show me that this setup must work and doesn't have any conflict, different instances.
    jimp I will jump into the setups, 1 site is not under our management only.
    I will go deep into the setup and let u know our progress.
    Thanks. :)