OpenVPN Peer to peer Setup (Pfsense -> Linux Client)

  • Hi guys,

    I'am trying to set up a lab to test Pfsense openvpn through many scenarios, I have been able to set up openvpn for a remote access to the server from a linux client.
    However, trying to setup a site to site lab that goes as follows:

    Client A -> Server -> Client B -> ClientB LAN

    I have generated the CA , Client certificates, setup the server on pfsense. then downloaded the CA.crt, Client certificates

    However when I have written my client.conf file to be able to connect to the server. the TLS handshake have failed. can you guide me through this ?

    Update: I guess the error comes from the auth key, where can I find the authentication key for my client ?

    Update 2 : Everything is working fine, I have unchecked the tls auth option on the server, However, can you guys guide me through setting up a Openvpn client on a windows machine only with Crt and key files + OpenVPN software