Network Jumps Pf Sense with OpenVpn

  • Hello dears,

    I thank you for guiding me a bit about a problem I have, the subject is the following:

    I made a vpn of 3 sites to a remote office using openvpn as a tool, the network segments are like this: - PF Sense Central - PF Sense site 1 - PF Sense site 2 - PF Sense site 3

    Each site towards the central PF Sense has communication and from the central to any site as well, my doubt is there is some configuration that allows me to make a jump between the segments?

    For example, ping to and respond

    The vpn is by peer to peer (shared key)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You need to:

    • add all of the remote networks each site should be able to access to the Remote Networks at those sites

    • be sure the OpenVPN firewall rules pass the necessary traffic into each firewall