Haproxy config

  • Hello,

    Is it possible with the current haproxy plugins to setup rewrite rules?  We can do this in the config files but doesn't seem to be a option in the GUI for the frontend or backend section?

    Also as we are comfortable maintaining the config file manually is it possible to use that versus the GUI generated one?

  • Some rewrite rules can be made in the gui with 'actions' but they are a bit limited and well manually writing them might actually be easier.. Also there is a option to use custom actions and advanced backend pass thru options to write parts of the config 'manually'..

    There is not really a way to manually manage the complete config. Also because of adding certificates and using the 'test' and 'actual' config folders would be troublesome when manually trying to create/manage the config files, what paths would one use to include lists with subnets/IPs or certificates..

    Unless of-course if you want to go 100% off the gui managed functionality completely manage haproxy outside the gui with custom scripts and config files.. That probably has some downsides to though..

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