Setting up an AP on SG-3100

  • I have an SG-3100.  Static IP from ISP, NAT to 172.x.x.x on a C class network. Firewall is set to 172.x.x.1 on LAN1, OPT1 is where I am trying to plug the Netgear WNDR4200v2 AP.  The Netgear AP is set to AP, but is not being seen by the 3100.  Interfaces -> OPT1 is set to enabled, IPv4 is DHCP, and everything else is unchecked.  Firewall -> Rules -> Edit -> OPT1: Action - Pass, Interface: OPT1, Family Address: IPv4+IPv6, Protocal: Any, Source: Any, Destination: Any.

    I CANNOT get a signal from the AP.  Any help is MUCH appreciated!!!

  • Does a PC get a valid IP address when connected to OPT1 ?

    WNDR4200v2 is a router isn't it ?

    If it is disable DHCP on the device, edit the LAN interface and give it a fixed IP address, then connect the LAN port from the WNDR4200v2 to OPT1.

  • Thanks, that solved. it.  :)

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I would, personally, not put the AP on OPT1 but on one of the SG-3100 switch ports so you can put SSIDs on the same broadcast domains as the remaining switch ports if you wish.

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