DNS forwarder with 2 wan and no Default gateway

  • Hi everybody.

    I am using pfsense with 4 wan , in firewall i have rules on lan to redirect port 80 , 443 , 587 , 995 on wan1 .
    and wan2 take all other services like ftp , torrent . . . etc
    i have also rules to pass dns from any to lan and one other to block dns from lan address to any , that will force user on lan to use pfsense dns forwarder and they cannot use external dns.
    now my question il how to force dns packets from dns forwarder to use wan 1 to reach external dns server (i use

    Best Regards,

  • In General Setup you may select a gateway for each unique DNS server you're using. Just select the WAN1 GW for each.

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