LibreNMS - bSNMP Monitoring

  • Hi All,

    I am writing a little patch for LibreNMS monitoring solution that allows it monitoring pf related statistics.

    Using this MIB:

    I am currently graphing the following:

    • pfStateTableCount

    • pfStateTableSearches

    • pfStateTableInserts

    • pfStateTableCount

    • pfCounterMatch

    • pfCounterBadOffset

    • pfCounterFragment

    • pfCounterShort

    • pfCounterNormalize

    • pfCounterMemDrop

    I would like to eventually also graph allowed/blocked packets per interface.

    I would interested in hearing if anybody considers anything else on that MIB worth graphing. Any educational resources about setting some thresholds for these would also be appreciated. If somebody knows of a way to check the CARP status via SNMP that would be appreciated as well(I already know about net-snmp + extend and Nagios via remote SSH script).

  • I'd be curious to try the patch when you are finished with it..

  • Hi there. Here is a link to the pull request.

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