Questions about Proxmox pfsense installation regarding the network.

  • So I have a promox server on a dell C6100 node running, and I have deployed a pfsense installation on it. I currently use an ASUS Merlin router for my LAN and WIFi connections connected directly to the Cable modem.
    I am completely confused on the network connections.  The c6100 has two NICS on board, and this is how I assume the connections must be setup

    CABLE MODEM –--> Proxmox NIC ----> pfsense WAN

    Asus Merlin WAN port

    My quesiton is how do the other virtual machines on Prox mox get on the LAN in this configuration ? do I need another NIC for that? So that means that the server on promox need a dedicated NIC for the ASUS WAN port and an additional one for the LAN ?

    Is there a way to set up Pfsense along side the ASUS router and have the asus router sent all traffic trough pFsense ?

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