Wireless Router in Bridge Mode. Can't access admin panel.

  • As the title says I have a linksys 2500 wireless router that I use for guest wireless access.  The router is in bridge mode and I have one of its LAN ports connected to my Guest VLAN port of my switch.  The wireless works flawlessly and assigns users the correct vlan address, however I can not access the admin panel of the e2500.  The e2500's address is on the local lan ( and if the machine I am trying to connect from is on the same subnet as the e2500 then I have no issues connecting to the admin panel, but I can't connect from a different subnet (my clrnet).  I have confirmed no firewall rules are blocking the traffic to that address. Would anyone know anything ideas I can try to troubleshoot the issue?

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    You would need to set a default gateway on the wireless router so it knows to send traffic for other than the local subnet to the router.

    Any "real" access point would have such a setting for management traffic.

    A workaround is to set outbound NAT on the LAN interface so any traffic destined for the router looks like it is coming from the LAN address of the firewall and is, therefore, same-subnet as far as the wireless router is concerned.

    The workaround is similar to this:


  • Sorry for the late reply, work has been crazy busy and I just had a chance to try this.  Set up the NAT in about 5 minutes and it worked perfectly.  Also your  explanation made perfect sense why it wasnt working and how NAT will make it work.  Thanks for your time!

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