Control the traffic for each user.

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    For a school project I need to configure a captive portal. I configured it correct and everything works, but now I need to see what each user does on the internet. I use ntopng and lightsquid but nothing shows the login name from the user and what he does on the internet. I can see in ntopng what each IP does, but I need to see what each user does. And I can't assign an IP to an username because there will be other users on the internet all the time. Does anybody know how I can do this or wich packet I should use?

    Thank you

  • RADIUS Authentication per user with a fixed IP Address

    FreeRADIUS -> Network Configuration -> IP Address

    I'll let you complete your school project :D

  • Squid can use captive portal authentication. this will help lightsquid get complete http/https report.

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