Atheros 5212 wireless in 1.2.3 PRERELEASE

  • setup:asus p2b-ds, realtek nics, dwl-ag530 wireless adapter

    I don't want to jinx my luck but I upgraded to 1.2.3 PRELEASE revision 1821(I believe) from 1.2.2 RELEASE.  Wireless was config in 1.2.2 but I could not connect properly because of a constant auth/deauth cycle.  After upgrading and no changes to the settings.  Wireless has worked for the past couple of hours.

    Now the slightly bad, my asus p2b-ds has been blacklisted and trying to boot with ACPI enabled causes a kernel panic.  I didn't have to disable ACPI in 1.2.2 but don't mind doing it if it means I have wireless working again.

    Hope this helps someone, great job guys!

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