Set up a vpn for school

  • I have a open vpn server set up using port udp 5228 (whitch is a google services port) I tried the connection today and it worked for about 15 mins, then (I think) they blocked my IP address.  I need to configure my open vpn server so it doesn't get blocked and just looks like normal traffic through the firewall. Im assumeing I'll have to see it up with a ssl tunnel, but would that be enough to prevent it from being blocked. Also my public IP from my isp has been the same for a while so if they did block my IP address, what should I do about that

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    So to clarify your asking how to circumvent your schools policy and sneek a vpn connection through?

    While there are many ways to do that.. You really should check with your schools policy on such activity - if you have a legit reason to use a vpn from your schools network then they should give details on how to do that.

    While you might find some people here willing to help you circumvent.. Many here will not be willing to offer such help.. Good luck.