Thanks to all who contribute to pfSense!!!

  • Good, I want to thank everyone who takes a little bit of their time to get, solve, and resolve frequently asked questions about pfSense. I think it's very cool this kind of international interaction to help the other, I'm starting now so whenever I can I'll bring interesting topics to help this incredible community that it is.

    Working in a team is knowing how to be part of a whole. It is like being a fundamental part of a body, but knowing that without body this part is useless. Having the ability to work well as a team shows humility, tolerance, emotional intelligence and companionship.

    No one is anything alone. And if we want to do something great, important and that brings us pride, we need to do it as a team. Achieving success with a collective effort is much more enjoyable.

    Working as a team becomes more motivated and committed, after all some depend on others, and everyone is responsible for failures and success. That's why teamwork makes everyone stronger.

    Teamwork is unity and friendship for a good and a common goal, so it is much more noble than an individual battle.

    A big hug to all, and good work. Stay with God :)

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