Lightsquid password error

  • New installation of SG3100. Installed squid, saved local cache page, etc… , installed Lightsquid. Service running but when trying to load Lightsquid asks for password - default pfsense password doesn't work. Eventually will server a 401 Unauthorized error. Changed lightsquid password to another which doesn't work either. Reinstalled packages - no errors. Proxy works, etc... Any ideas where to look to fix the authentication error?

  • Hi,

    I had the same problem on SG-3100. I have checked logs and got info:
    2018-05-16 19:59:52: (mod_auth.c.525) password doesn't match for / username: admin, IP:

    so for test I renamed user from admin to testadmin and works.

    It seems that webGUI is not changing password for default user admin :-(

    Best regrads,

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