Configure a VPN but only for some devices ?

  • How do I create a VPN for US Netflix streaming but only let the set top box use it not all users ?


  • Set up the vpn as recommended in the tutorial, but check "Don't pull routes" in the client settings.
    Assign an interface to the vpn client in Interfaces > assign and enable it.
    Add a firewall rule to the interface which is facing to the settop box, allowing anything to the outside, open the advanced options, go to gateway and select the vpn gateway.

    Ensure the the box is configured to use an external DNS. If it is set bei DHCP add an override for it.

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    Hey Syrio,

    Don't know if you have this working yet, but some additional/alternative steps may help.

    Assign a static IP via the DHCP service for your Set Top Box (STB)
    Create a Firewall Alias for STB
    Create a Firewall rule for STB to use the alternative Gateway (created by previous steps in earlier post)

    As an alternative to a VPN tunnel for Netflix/Hulu/Prime etc streaming (i.e. non-sensitive data), you may find that a "Smart DNS" service also works for you. This time…

    Create a Firewall Alias for 'Smart DNS' (alternative DNS server addresses provided by the the Smart DNS service provider)
    Create a Firewall rule for STB to access DNS (port 53) via 'Smart DNS'

    I had this working for a short time (during the free trial), now it appears to have stopped working, but then neither is VPN...
    Good luck

  • i've done this for years..

    1. i assigned my devices static ip addresses that i wanted the traffic going through a different gateway.
    2. once that is done and your VPN connection is working go to: firewall > rules > Lan > add that computer and identify it so you know what it is, edit the rule then under gateway change it to your WAN interface.

    everything else will go across the VPN like normal. only that device will transfer over the WAN interface

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