OpenVPN authentication

  • Hello

    I had to renew the user certificates for our company vpn, so all users replaced the cert and key in the OpenVPN config.
    This is running without any issues, all users can connect. But 3 Users mentioned they had to authenticate before when starting the
    vpn connection and i cant find out where this is configured.

    The only thing that changed is the certificate but i cant see any options to even set a password when generating a certificate, is this set in the openvpn config
    and somehow isnt active anymore, any other ideas?

    We are running pfsense 2.3.4  and OpenVPN 2.4.4.

  • There is a "User Authentication Settings" section under

    VPN > OpenVPN > Clients

    Maybe that's where the issue is.

  • Thank you for your advice

    i checked the settings and we have no client configuration running on this firewall.
    It only acts as a server. and the password policy also only affects spoecific users and not all.

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