Allowed IP question

  • I am using 2.2.2 currently. Yes I know…upgrade! I will but I need to solve this in the current versions for non related reasons first.

    I need captive portal to take ALL initial traffic to a landing page from about 20 IP addresses of the Guest APs in my system but to allow All the other ips without capture.

    It looks like the only method is to enter the other 230+ addresses as individual allowed IP addresses. That seems like a cumbersome way to do it but the IPs are not in a block. I am following some old seperation rules in this range and reworking the whole thing from scratch isn't in my immediate future as there are reasons for the seperate reservations within this group.

    Since there are less that need to be captured it seems the most efficient method would be to find a way to assign the ones Captured instead of the ones NOT captured. Also I am afraid this is a complexity I am adding that will slow things down.

    Any guidance here?

  • Hi,

    Gave it some thoughts, but I think you already found the solution : add (white list) these 230 IP's.

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