PfSense-pkg-ntopng installation failed!

  • Dear All,

    I am very new to pfSense and the first package, ntopng I was installing. I have 15 gb disk space set that up for pfSense via vmware workstation pro. Now from another client windows i tried to install that package but Alas i got this error. Could you please let me know the problem? :-\

    Installing pfSense-pkg-ntopng…
    Updating pfSense-core repository catalogue...
    pfSense-core repository is up to date.
    Updating pfSense repository catalogue...
    pfSense repository is up to date.
    All repositories are up to date.
    The following 23 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):

    New packages to be INSTALLED:
    pfSense-pkg-ntopng: 0.8.12 [pfSense]
    webfonts: 0.30_13 [pfSense]
    mkfontscale: 1.1.2 [pfSense]
    xproto: 7.0.31 [pfSense]
    libfontenc: 1.1.3_1 [pfSense]
    freetype2: 2.8_1 [pfSense]
    mkfontdir: 1.0.7 [pfSense]
    fontconfig: 2.12.1,1 [pfSense]
    ntopng: 3.2.2018.03.13 [pfSense]
    libsodium: 1.0.15 [pfSense]
    ndpi: 2.2.2018.01.31 [pfSense]
    GeoIP: 1.6.11 [pfSense]
    mysql56-client: 5.6.39 [pfSense]
    graphviz: 2.40.1_2 [pfSense]
    png: 1.6.34 [pfSense]
    jpeg-turbo: 1.5.3 [pfSense]
    libgd: 2.2.4_1,1 [pfSense]
    webp: 0.6.1 [pfSense]
    tiff: 4.0.9_1 [pfSense]
    jbigkit: 2.1_1 [pfSense]
    giflib: 5.1.4 [pfSense]
    redis: 3.2.11 [pfSense]
    gdbm: 1.13_1 [pfSense]

    Number of packages to be installed: 23

    The process will require 85 MiB more space.
    12 MiB to be downloaded.
    [1/23] Fetching webfonts-0.30_13.txz: … done
    pkg-static: Operation timed out

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