PfSense on Hyper-V - lower WAN speed

  • Hi!

    I have a 300/300Mbps WAN connection from ISP.
    pfSense VM on Hyper-V gives me on only 150-180Mbps for download and 180-220Mbps for upload.
    VM has 2x vCPU and 4GB RAM, storage is on SSD. It is gen2 VM.
    This is a small deployment, because of this right now i have only one NIC on the PC and use VLAN´s with HP1810G switch.
    PC has Intel I219-V NIC, so i didnt find VMQ setting. I tried disabling it on Hyper-V VM NIC´s, but it didnt have any efferct.
    When doing speedtests pfSense CPU spikes to 30-40%

    Should i try changing anything or can i even get better wan speed from this deployment?