OpenVPN Server - No internet with "Redirect IPv4 Gateway" checked

  • First of all, I am new to pfSense.

    I am trying to make a OpenVPN server bound to TCP 443. The main objective is not only to be able to access my LAN from the public internet but to also direct all internet traffic through the tunnel. The choice of TCP 443 is mainly to bypass certain networks that block traffic through directed to "non-standard" ports.

    I had a similar setup using Tomato FW and it demonstrated to be very handy at times without any issue.

    I set up the Server and without "Redirect IPv4 Gateway" I am able to access my LAN without any problem, however once "Redirect IPv4 Gateway" is checked the OpenVPN Client connects to the server but I have no internet conectivity.

    Screenshots of my setup.

    Additional information: Unfortunately I have to run the pfSense box in double-nat after a Fritzbox 7560 DSL Modem/Router combo. The pfSense is an "Exposed Host" of the Fritzbox (this is how AVM calls the "DMZ").

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Provide DNS servers to the clients.

  • Thanks, it worked! I knew it could be something very simple. I was silly assuming OpenVPN Server pushes the default DNS.

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