Broadcasting wireless in vmware workstation 6.5

  • So with some help earlier in the week I was able to get my wireless cards working with the virtual network editor.

    Works great as a second wan. The cards are bridged and detected as gigabit ethernet cards and I just connect to my access point of choice in the host. The problem here is I would like one of these wireless cards to broadcast and because they are picked up as ethernet the options do not exist under interfaces/OPT2. Is there anyway to make my virtualized pfsense machine see these cards as the wireless they are?

    Thanks ahead of time

  • What do you mean with "I would like one of these wireless cards to broadcast"

    Generally the answer to hardware configuration from within virtual guests is "no".
    You would have to do the configuration in the host system.

  • Thank you. Was hoping there was a magic answer.

    What I meant by one of these cards is…

    Wired --> LAN
    Wired --> WAN
    Wireless --> WAN2
    Wireless --> LAN2 (broadcast) will setup in host. thanks again.

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