Freeradius + wifi + autenticação ?

  • Good Morning

    I have configured freeradius on the WPA WPA Enterprise, until then everything asks for username and password in win7, but it does not authenticate,

    I would like to configure wifi to work on all android operating systems, iphone, win7, xp, win10

    I'm not worried about security, but I'm authentically. Preferably without having to install client certificate
    but if you do not have it as I would also like to know how to configure the certificate on the client to work in all S without having to install or make configurations to specify in each S

    I already saw that you have to configure eap.conf the radiuns.conf but as I am lay and the versions of the radios changed I do not know how to edit the files. in the version of pfsense 2.4.3 and freeradiuns freeradius3-3.0.15_4

    I would love your help

    I am grateful and awaited a

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