Tagged or Untagged VLAN - 2.4.3 (FreeRadius 3.x)

  • Hello -

    I'm trying to figure out how I can place a U or T in front of the MAC Authentication assigned vlan when a mac address successfully authenticates. FreeRadius does not allow anything other than an integer to be input, but I know there is a way to include a tagged or untagged vlan as we have one server that was built by someone else, years ago that allows it - any insight?  I'm sure I'm just missing a switch somewhere.

    I should include an example from authorized_macs

    00-11-22-aa-bb-bb Cleartext-Password := "00-11-22-aa-bb-bb"

    Tunnel-Type = VLAN,
    Tunnel-Medium-Type = IEEE-802,
    Tunnel-Private-Group-ID = "U:10"

    One thing to note - once the MAC authenticates successfully, the switch logs show the successful authentication, and an assigned VLAN of (U:10, ).  So I know Radius is sending it that way.

    Appreciate any help you can provide.


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