Captive portal stops working after several hours, only reboot starts it back

  • We have multiple pfsense installations that are having the same issue with captive portal.  After hours or days running, the captive portal authentication page stops authenticating, even if you are using no authentication (accept only button).  When the user submits the form it returns the auth error page.    Restarting the captive portal service doesn't help, only reboot.

    Anyone have any ideas whats going on?

  • Hi,

    Your question is the one a user of you portal would ask you. Up to you then to detail  that question.

    Right now, with the information you gave, I tend to say : send us your system over, and we will have a look.

    I never had to reboot pfSense for any other reason then 'finalize an upgrade'.

  • We are using the local user manager and have a user named "guest" and allow concurrent user logins.  This works fine for every user that logins in to the captive portal for hours or sometimes even days, then it stops working, it acts as if the user entered invalid credentials, although we have of course verified they are correct.  Not getting any detail in the log file other than just a FAILURE.

    Apr 29 15:36:01 logportalauth 77324 Zone: guest_wifi - FAILURE: guest, f4:09:d8:9a:e3:82,

  • Nice. The progress is the word "Failure".

    This message is the result of one check ( see /usr/local/captiveportal/index.php  - at the bottom ) : if the user+pass are in the local user list, access is granted.
    A second check is done if you checked "Allow only users/groups with "Captive portal login" privilege set" on the Captive portal settings page.

    If these test(s) are ok, you are logged in. If not, a "Failure" is thrown out.

    So, if you are sure the user and password are ok when entered, and you are sure they are in the local user manager list, the conclusion is simple :
    Consider your system broken - probably a hardware (disk) failure.

    If a login works - and after some time (hard or soft time out ?) the user can't login anymore, then something is not working as it should.

    Btw : I'm replying knowing that you did not mention anything about your setup, so I consider every setting is set (kept to) to default (value). It is of course possible that a user logs in, and after  time out he can't login anymore for the rest of the day. Or something like that.

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