Remove "Logging Noise" on Wan port

  • Gents

    My provider apparently have other customers on the same /26 as i reside on.
    And one of those keeps requesting a DHCP adress , and filling my log with "deny's"

    I have tried to do a basic "deny rule" w. "no logging" , but it is caught & logged  before any "normal" rules.

    It might be nitpicking , but it annoy's me a bit that this unit fills like 60% of my outside deny's.

    Does anyone hav an idea how i can "deny" wo. logging for the specific host ?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Turn off bogon logging get rid of those.

    You could also turn off logging of rfc1918 and default if you wanted, and just create a block rule at bottom of wan interface rules to log what you want.  I do this since all I want to see is SYN blocks, I don't care to see all the other noise like UDP and Out of state packets that are dropped by the default deny.

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