Multiple configurations (one tunnel all, one split tunnel) with same OpenVPN

  • Hello all,

    I am likely making this more difficult than it needs to be, looking for a way to streamline this.

    On my pfSense, I want to host one single OpenVPN server.

    Then on my clients, I want two configs:
    First config will have all traffic always going through the tunnel
    Second config will have split tunneling. All internet traffic goes out the local interface, and only the defined network will route via the tunnel.

    I believe I can do this by hosting two separate OpenVPN connections on the pfSense on different ports, but that just seems excessive.

    How can I accomplish what I am asking above? Many thanks.

  • Best practice would be to run two servers.

    You may also achieve that with only one, but then you have to connect with different users and certs and set up client specific overrides for each on the server.


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