Slow up test speed with virtualized pfsense

  • Hi all.

    I have pfsense 2.4.3_1 virtualized with 2 virtual nic's, one of them (WAN) is bridged to wifi usb (internet), the other virtual nic (OPT1) is bridged to a physical ethernet NIC.

    When i run a speed test with only wifi usb connected (physical nic deactivated) i obtain 50 MB / 50 MB - up / down, when i run the same test with all host traffic throught physical NIC to pfsense i obtain 50 MB / 9 MB - up / down speed, why it's the reason?

    How i can obtain same results as wifi only speed test?

    Thanks all!

  • Hi Oscar77,

    I had a similar problem with pfSense under VirtualBox. Throughput from the host OS bridged to the ethernet connecting through pfSense showed full down / up bandwidth, but when testing from any client that was attached through the physical ethernet, but external to the host, got full down, but upload was severely limited.

    After much testing and reconfiguring, finally traced it down to one setting of "large receive offload" being enabled under System >> Advanced >> Networking. Disabled just that setting and now test from host OS and external clients show same speed test results.

  • Hi, tnx for your response.


    My problem was a Realtek NIC bug, disabled all items in windows (system - advanced settings from hardware list) i dont remember english name.

    All disabled except Flow Control, now i have same download / upload speeds :-)

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