[SOLVED] Ports through captive portal

  • Hello, i got a problem with the captive portal : i set up a captive portal for every one of my vlan interfaces but i keep getting the zone of the first one wether i'm on other zone or not. when i desactivate the captive portal for this zone other users on other zones dont get redirected to the captive portal but still nothing can go out (it's like their zone is the first zone but they are enabled or disabled from their own captive portal zone)

    i dont understand why

  • oh i see the problem is the redirection when catching the frame : let's say i'm on zone 2 and i try to go out : i get redirected to :


    and when i correct just the zone name (change zone1 with zone2) i get http://ip_address_zone_2:8006/index.php?zone=zone2... and everything is fine

    What is this bug ><

  • and why can i access other zones' captives portals just by changing this this is too weird

    EDIT nevermind i solved it… i addes multiple rules in the captive portal but i guess something went wrong... can anyone help me allow all those ports without causing any problem ? i suspect that the ipfw rules must have a limit or they are used elsewhere ...

    can i use any other method to allow those ports before the authentication ? like with a table where there are all the ports and like one or two rules that wont cause any other problem ?

    appreciate the help and thanks in advance

    here are the rules i tried https://fr.scribd.com/document/379814591/Captiveportal-Rules

    PS : the rules worked perfectly but caused many other problems

    53 UDP (keep-state and out)
    138 UDP (in out and keep-state)
    137 UDP(in out keep-state)
    389 UDP TCP (same)
    88 TCP (same)
    445 TCP (same)
    139 TCP (same)
    135 TCP (same)

    and from 49152 to 65535 TCP (same for everyone one of them)

    for what i'm trying to do : allow ports for the windows authentication through captive portal to the active directory

    EDIT 2 : trying again same problem, the redirection ends up on one captive portal for all interfaces, it's like something gets messed up. when i get rid of those rules, everything works normally, so how can i allow without having to face such problems ?

    EDIT 3 : Solved : https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?ipfw(8)

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