Xbox 360 Live connection with pfSense (discussion, originally from sticky)

  • I'm not really sure what you're saying… Do you have strict NAT problems and need help?


    Are you saying these setting work and give you Open NAT (and you're posting to help others)?

    In any case, it looks like the rules and everything are OK.  It should work like this without uPnP.  After all, uPnP is a security risk.  You're right, uPnP is useful for multiple Xbox 360s.  However it is also useful for instant messaging programs, file sharing, IRC and any other program which would normally need ports forwarded.  I guess the benefit of uPnP is that the ports are only forwarded when needed and and not all the time since uPnP devices are supposed to close the ports when they are turned off.  Unfortunately this doesn't apply to Xbox 360 since from my experience its implementation of the uPnP client neglects to delete mappings when powered off.

  • I didn't test those settings yet, I wanted to know if I understood everything right and if those settings work it would be nice to sticky the thread for future references.

    I would also like to add the UPnP method if someone can post detailed info.

    Sorry for not being clear.

  • As far as I know the uPnP method goes a little something like this:

    1.  Enable static ports in AON
    2.  Enable uPnP
    3.  Power on Xbox 360 (make sure DHCP is used)

  • Good job.  Maybe they can sticky this.  There seems to be an increase in Xbox Live connection threads lately.

  • I still need to test the "port forward" method a bit more.

    I'll update my post ASAP.

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